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[eia] French land phase

    France will indeed go first in the land phase.


Remove all depots except the one at Dijon.  Place a depot at Ulm.  ($1)

1 I corps at Genoa [leaves 1 pt. garrison] => Lyon.  (F/5)
1 I corps w/Massena at Dijon => Lyon.  (F/auto)
1 I corps at Piacenza => Lyon.  ($1)
1 I corps at Freiburg => Munich.  ($2)*
1 I corps w/Davout at Freiburg => Turin.  (F/5)
1 I corps at Mantua => Genoa.  (F/auto)
1 I corps w/Napoleon, Murat, & Bernadotte at Mantua => W of Munich.  ($1)
1 I corps at Paris => Metz.  (F/auto)
1 I corps w/Soult at Kassel => Munich.  ($2)*
1 I corps w/Ney at Kassel [leaves 1 pt. garrison] => Frankfurt [absorbs 1
pt. garrison] => Amsterdam [drops 1 pt. garrison].  (F/auto)
Holland at Lille => Freiburg.  (F/5)
Bavaria does not join the battle/remains in the city.  (F/4)
Naples at Rome [leaves 1 pt. garrison] => Naples [absorbs 1 pt. garrison].

Total expenditure:  $7*

* These costs assume that Austria burns the depot at Munich (or France loses
the battle there).

These orders result in four forage rolls, a siege roll at Freiburg, and a
field battle at Munich.  Rolls for forage and siege are on their way...

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