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Re: [eia] Reinforcement phase

So we need Spain's reinforcement orders, then France's reinforcement and naval orders, then Great Britain and Spain's naval phase.  Then on to the landlubber stuff !
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Subject: [eia] Reinforcement phase

    You are probably right about the Bavaria corps being 2 & 2 rather than 3 & 2.  The funny thing, though, is that I thought the PSA track *was* up-to-date, i.e., *including* the March political phase.  So we might need JJ to help me out with that one.  And you are right about all my mistakes regarding the Turkish forces.
    Thanks, Mike.  I hope others will take a look as well.  I'm sure there are more errors.
    The reinforcement phase should be underway, right?  Spain is first, then France(naval)/GB(land), then Prussia & Austria, then Turkey, then Russia, and finally France(land)/GB(naval).  I guess I can get us started:  France takes no visible action during naval reinforcement.  There.  Now Spain, Prussia, and Austria can all feel free to take their turns.
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Subject: Re: [eia] up and running

At 08:23 PM 7/19/02 -0400, you wrote:
    Hello all.  I seem to be back up and running.  Could someone please send me the link to the archive?  Thanks.  Also, I'm attaching a few images.  One is my best recollection of the minor country status, one is my record of the political status display, and the third is a map.  Could you all just briefly look at these documents and see if you notice anything wrong with them.  (I'm sure there are mistakes.  I just need you to help me find them.)
        I show the Bavarian corps at 2I and 2C rather than 3I and 3C.  I expect one of us either forgot or double counted a forage loss or something.
        The impacts of the current political phase don't appear to be on the PSA track, so I'm not sure how much to say about it.

        I show the Vizier having an infantry and a cavalry corps in Egypt and the other infantry corps in Jerusalem with the Syria corps.
        I show Pechlivan Khan with the Cavalry corps east of Constantinople
        Turkey should have control of Tunisia.  Joel still needs to send the setup orders for them.  Prussia and Austria can't win control of it even if they could roll a 7 since they're allied with Spain.  As France and Russia have denied control, Turkey wins as the only interested power not allied with Spain.
        I figure Joel can tell us which one is correct for the positions of the Turkish forces and leaders and anyone who has been keeping track, like JJ, can figure out which is correct for the Bavaria Corps.