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Re: [eia] Mantua chit choices

    Wow, I'm a lucky duck.  I was afraid to commit to sending my chit choice
to Mike because I was so worried about it.  But finally I got up enough
courage to hit Send.  Glad I did.  But I wasn't counting on the Austrians
having such a high morale or having cavalry superiority (which they do have,
just barely).
    The French forces are I and VIII infantry corps with 34 inf. factors and
5 cav. factors.  Final morale is 4.0.  I'll be sending my roll for the first
round momentarily.


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>     As your troops rush forward in their Escalated Counter Attack, they
> that Charles has chosen a timid Probe to oppose them.  Looks like fortune
> may well favor the bold this day.
> Mike
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