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Re: [eia] battle of Mantua

    Bad news everybody.  I won't be able to make that Tuesday appointment
after all.  It looks like the computer that I just bought is a lemon.  So
I'll be taking it back Tuesday night.  (Believe me, I'm no happier about
this than you are.)  From now on I'll be sticking to name brands...  But the
upshot is that it could easily be another week before my computer is up and
    In light of this information, Everett, would you like to start rolling
round by round using the Dice Server?  At this point, that is probably the
quickest way to resolve the battle.



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> >     I just got my new computer today, but I haven't put it together yet
> > installed all the software it will need.  So, since I'll be gone this
> > weekend, the battle will have to until some time next week.  Tuesday at
> > around 8 pm eastern time would probably work well for me.  Let me know
> > that's ok with you.
> This sounds fine to me.
> -Everett
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