J.J. Young on 13 Jul 2002 02:15:04 -0000

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Re: [eia] Prussian Land Phase 02/05

Jim, I noticed some things about the Prussian land orders that don't work

> Depots destroyed- Konigsburg, Warsaw, Breslau, Magdeburg, Dresden
> Depots created- Erfurt

Since you do not control the Duchies until the end of this turn, you cannot
build a depot in Erfurt, unless it is within 2 areas of another depot, to
make a supply chain.  So in order to build the depot there, you must leave
either the Magdeburg or Dresden depot on the map this turn.

> Troop movement- 1 I Warsaw->Berlin {leave 4 garrison} {$2}

I don't see any way that a corps could get from Warsaw to Berlin in only 3
areas of movement.

>                 3 I w/ Hohen Erfurt holds {1 forages auto,2
>                     supply for $2} {1/2 each x 2}

Again, the Duchies is not yet your controlled territory, and so a corps
foraging there would get no +1 modifier.  Also, winter causes a -2 foraging
penalty and having 3 corps in the same area causes another -2 penalty.  So
the foraging corps would have to roll 4-2-2 = 0-, so whatever you rolled
would be your loss in factors.  Or, they could be supplied for another $1.

Does anyone see any mistakes in what I've said ?


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