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[eia] Turkish Land Phase, Feb 1805

Egyptian Front
Place a depot on II Fleet ($1) 
1C, 1I, Grand Vizier at Jerusalem => Damietta ($2)
1I at Jerusalem holds (auto)
Syria corps at Acre => Jerusalem ($1)

Caucusus Front
1I at Trabizond => Erzurum ($1)
1I, 1C at Erzurum stand down

Balkans Front
1C, Pechlivan Khan at Constantinople crosses the Bosphorus (auto)
1I at Constantinople holds (auto)
1I N of Adrianople holds (F5)
1I at Ruschuk holds (auto)
1C at Nicopolis holds (auto)

Total cost: $5

The cossack east of Constantinople may attempt to withdraw on a roll of 4 
or less, as per Failing that, or if Mike wants to know which of 
my many cavalry corps this is, we will fight. Unless Everett has a burning 
desire to see how this turns out, Austria is free to move.


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