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Re: [eia] Austria's Land Phase {foraging}

    Ok, having heard no objections, it looks like we are all in agreement.
So have at, Everett!


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> At 07:52 PM 7/11/02 -0700, you wrote:
> >This is my opinion:
> >     Rule # states "if the corps did not into an ares
> >outside THE MAJOR POWER'S TERRITORY this turn".  It does not
> >specify "home territory".  I believe any minor state conquered by
> >me is my territory.  So,I feel troops foraging in your conquered
> >minor territories get the +1 bonus
>          While my desire is for the rule to only apply within your home
> nations provinces, I highly doubt any Israeli units get foraging bonuses
> the West Bank even though they conquered it decades ago, that reading
> also mean that you could not build depots in conquered areas or even free
> states without having a corps there to do it.  As that makes no sense,
> have to agree that home nation does extend to conquered areas for foraging
> purposes.  I would also have to believe that minor nation units would get
> that bonus since they are a part of the major nation.
> Mike
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