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Re: [eia] Spanish Naval

    Does Spain need a voluntary access agreement to dock their fleets in
London?  Or is voluntary access only for land forces?  The voluntary access
rules at 10.3 talk almost exclusively about land forces, so I guess it's
reasonable to assume that the two are different.
    Anyway, it's worth pointing out that we seem to be adopting a rule that
says fleets can go anywhere that the major countries involved can both agree
upon, without needing a written access document beforehand.  (Is this policy
limited to allies?)  However, regardless of what we adopt as a rule for
naval forces, it is worth reminding everyone that this is *not* the case for
land forces.  In order for land forces to enter another major power's
territory, they need a written voluntary access agreement which must have
been publicized in a previous political phase.

Picky, picky, picky...  :-)


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> The II Fleet holds
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