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Re: [eia] Control of the Papacy

>    I agree.  We should all roll our own dice.  It just doesn't
feel right
>to have somebody roll *my* dice.  :-)  In my rational mind, I
know it
>doesn't make a difference...  Maybe it's a control thing?
>    I think JJ had the best way to justify our collective
superstition:  if
>we roll our own dice then we are sure to be aware of what is
going on and
>are less likely to miss the fact that something important has
happened (as
>Jim apparently missed the fact that Joel rolled for him).  I
guess that
>counts as a rational justification for insisting on rolling dice
><Whew!>  Now I can go on believing that I'm fundamentally a
rational being.
>> I agree 100%.  I did not even realize that we were doing this.
>> I know the dice will fall as they will and we can't influence
>> them, but each player make their own rolls.  Everyone please
>> free to add your comments.
I havn't changed my mind about rolling my own dice but I must
admit one advantage to doing one person rolling a couple of dice
on minor issues is fewer emails to sort through.  Maybe we could
use this option in limited scenarios if it is agreed upon by all
players affected.{probably should have left well enough alone
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