Kyle H on 9 Jul 2002 00:33:04 -0000

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Re: [eia] Control of the Papacy

    I agree.  We should all roll our own dice.  It just doesn't feel right
to have somebody roll *my* dice.  :-)  In my rational mind, I know it
doesn't make a difference...  Maybe it's a control thing?
    I think JJ had the best way to justify our collective superstition:  if
we roll our own dice then we are sure to be aware of what is going on and
are less likely to miss the fact that something important has happened (as
Jim apparently missed the fact that Joel rolled for him).  I guess that
counts as a rational justification for insisting on rolling dice ourselves.
<Whew!>  Now I can go on believing that I'm fundamentally a rational being.


> I agree 100%.  I did not even realize that we were doing this.
> I know the dice will fall as they will and we can't influence
> them, but each player make their own rolls.  Everyone please feel
> free to add your comments.

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