Joel Uckelman on 8 Jul 2002 19:11:04 -0000

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Re: Rehashing: [eia] Turkish land phase, Jan 1805

Thus spake "Everett E. Proctor":
> I just noticed that in the glossary, Major Power is defined as: "Home
> nation plus controlled minor countries plus provinces ceded to that home
> nation."
> and the rule in question,, "In Own Territory: If the corps did
> not move into an are outside the major power's territory this Turn and
> is not now in such an area, "+1" is subtracted from the die roll."
> Taking these two into consideration, I think Turkey should have gotten
> the +1 for in own territory for its corp in Jerusalem.
> -Everett

Thanks, Everett. I knew that was in there somewhere, but I just couldn't 
find it when I looked.


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