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Re: [eia] France's land phase orders

The way I read and, I think the only time an enemy depot can
be used for supply is when it is left undefended, only garrisons can
destroy their own depots, and applies when corps are defending a
depot. So: Yes. Yes. No.


Actually, a corps may be considered a part of a city or depot garrison, and, so any actions a garrison can take, can be taken by corps.

The state of the depot will depend upon Everett's decision on where the garrison forces are. If all forces retire to the city and thus are city garrison, not depot garrison, the depot is ungarrisoned and thus can be burned, converted or used for supply by the arriving French force. However, as there is absolutely no risk to Austria to declare that the depot is garrisoned and burn it before retiring the garrison into the city, there's no reason to let the French use it for supply or conversion unless he wants to be nice. If any form of garrison remains attached to the depot, there would be either a field or limited field battle and if the French won, they could convert or destroy the depot. applies when anyone defends the depot, not just a corps. We ran into this in our last game. We're usually very sloppy about whether units are garrisons for the city or the depot and it usually doesn't matter since you can usually switch between the two at any time. However, you have to keep in mind that a depot garrison and a city garrison represent two different locations that are zero movement points apart.

Other options:
Everett could, choose to retire the garrison factor into the city and leave the corps defending the depot. There would then be a field battle and the winner would control the depot. If the French won, they could then initiate a siege battle in the same turn against the force that had chosen to garrison the city, whether it was corps or garrison factors of a mix of the two. Turkey is a better example at Constantinople since it has a huge garrison of regular infantry and two corps. The city can hold 25 factors and the depot can hold 10 of the 25 garrison factors as depot garrison. If Russia fought through the screen of corps Turkey has west of the city and then attacked, Turkey could divvy up the 25 factors and the two corps so as to have no more than 25 factors in the city and at most 10 of the 25 garrison factors with the depot. the corps would have to be located as whole units, he couldn't put half the corps in the city and half out, but he could mix and match who is in the city and who is out however he wants so long as the city holds no more factors of any sort than its capacity and the depot holds no more than 10 non-corps factors. As there are more factors in the space than the city can hold, if the Russians won the first battle and drove off the forces outside the city, they could then choose to initiate a siege battle on the city immediately. I believe this is the only way in which a corps can participate in two battles within a single major power turn.


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