Everett E. Proctor on 7 Jul 2002 19:45:13 -0000

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Re: [eia] France's land phase orders

> * - These values assume that Austria burns the depot at Mantua.

The way I read, you cannot use the Depot if I have a garrison
there even if I choose not to burn it and loose the combat: "but not
used for supply this major power's sequence". 

Also, is it true that I cannot burn the garrison there even if I had a
corp in the area, but had no depot garrison?

Also, does apply even if I have a corp in the same region, but
no garrison?  In other words, if I did not have that garrison, could you
have destroyed it and use it for forage even though I have a corp in the

Regardless, I am burning the depot, but I would like these questions
answered if anyone could help.

> Total expenditure:  $19.
> These orders result in two forage rolls, a breach attempt at Kassel, a
> breach attempt at Freiburg, and either a field battle or a breach attempt at
> Mantua (depending on whether Austria retires into the city).  I'll send the
> forage rolls out immediately; I'll save the siege rolls until I get
> confirmation from Austria that his corps at Mantua is retiring into the
> city.

Yes, the garrison factor and the corp are entering the fortress.


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