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Re: [s-d] Proto ruleset for Colonial B

Somewhat B-ified, defining Governors, establishes the Responsibilities of
the Emperor and Governors:

Section 1. Nomic.

101. At any time, any person may join as a player by posting to a
Public Forum and communicating in some way that they wish to become a

102. This rule, excluding this sentence, is the Map.


  F     |  \__
  I    / Tocs-\ <-------Needreba
  D   /  Nomic/
  R  /    /
  A  |    \___
  C  |        \ <----Grubnide
  |  |      __/
  |  |-----|
  v__|      \ <----Kroy
  > 1|       \
  -__|        \
    /          \ <-------Nodnol
   / Gnenomic   |

1: Selaw

103: Offices

  An Office is a role defined as such by the rules. Each Office is either
vacant or filled by exactly one player. An Office is the holder of an
Office, and may be refered to by the name of that Office. 

  An imposed office is an office described as such by the rule defining it.
All other offices are Appointed.

  The holder of an Appointed office CAN resign it by announcement, causing
it to become vacant.

104. The Emperor
  The Emperor is an imposed Office, held initially by 0x44. The Emperor is
responsible for collating WORTHY proposals, updating the public record of
the Rules and Imperial Gamestate, resolving disputes, and Appointing
Governors of the various Colonies. The Emperor SHOULD Appoint as governor
the Player chosen by the Colonists of each various Colony by the method
specified within that Colony's Charter.

105: Governors
  Each Colony has a Governor, an Appointed Office responsible for notifying
the Emperor of the state of the Colony's Charter, Game State, and
Population on a weekly basis. Each Governorship is held for a term no
longer than a Month, though there is no Imperial limit to the number of
times a Player may be Appointed Governor by the Emperor.

106: Proposals

  A proposal is a fixed body of text describing changes to be made to B,
  including enacting, repealing, or amending rules, or making other
  changes to the gamestate.

  Once per week, each player MAY submit one proposal, by emailing
  it to the Emperor. The Emperor, upon recieving a proposal, shall judge
  it WORTHY or UNWORTHY, and shall post the proposal and the judgement
  to a Public Forum.

  If a proposal is judged WORTHY, the Emperor CAN and SHALL make any
changes specified in the proposal and award the author of the proposal 2

107: Currency

  Mackerel are the global currency of the Empire. Each Player has a number
of Mackerel, defaulting to zero. If at any time, a Player comes to have a
non-integer amount of Mackerel, the Emperor CAN and SHALL round said
Player's Mackerel to the nearest integer in whatever way the Emperor sees
Section 2. Colonies.

A Colony is a sub-game of B Nomic defined by an Organizing Charter which
explicitly states that it is a Colony of B Nomic, and that the Emperor of B
Nomic may, at any time, veto any alteration to the game-state or Charter.

  202: Organizing Charter

The Organizing Charter of each Colony is that Colony's collected ruleset.
The Charter must define the method by which the Colony selects a Governor
for suggestion to the Emperor, must specify the means by which the Charter
may be amended, and may devolve duties within the Colony onto the collected

  203: Foundation

When a Player establishes a Colony, whether by causing a Foreign Nomic to
adopt the requirements in its Organizing Charter or by creates a new Colony
by drafting an Organizing Charter, e shall announce this to a Public Forum.
The Emperor CAN and SHALL award that Player 10 Mackerel. The Player shall
be recorded as the Founder of the Colony.

204. Colonists

Colonists are Players of B Nomic who have chosen to submit themselves to
the rules of a Colony. A Player of B Nomic CANNOT simultaneously be member
of multiple Colonies. 

A Player of B Nomic MAY at any time become a Colonist of a Colony, provided
e is eligible under that Colony's Charter. When a Player joins a Colony,
the Founder of the Colony gains 2 Mackerel, and the Governor of the Colony
gains 1 Mackerel. When a Player joins a Colony, e leaves ALL other Colonies
of which e may be a member.

A Player of B Nomic MAY at any time leave a Colony, provided e is eligible
to leave under that Colony's Charter and the Laws of B-Nomic. When a Player
leaves a Colony, the Founder of the Colony loses 1 Mackerel, and the
Governor of the Colony loses 2 Mackerel.

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