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[s-d] Proto ruleset for Colonial B

Section 1. Nomic.

101. At any time, any person may join as a player by posting to a
Public Forum and communicating in some way that they wish to become a

102. This rule, excluding this sentence, is the Map.


  F     |  \__
  I    / Tocs-\ <-------Needreba
  D   /  Nomic/
  R  /    /
  A  |    \___
  C  |        \ <----Grubnide
  |  |      __/
  |  |-----|
  v__|      \ <----Kroy
  > 1|       \
  -__|        \
    /          \ <-------Nodnol
   / Gnenomic   |

1: Selaw

103. The Emperor is a position, which shall initially be held by 0x44.

104. Once per week, each player may submit one proposal, by emailing
it to the Emperor. The Emperor, upon recieving a proposal, shall judge
it WORTHY or UNWORTHY, and shall post the proposal and the judgement
to a Public Forum.

105. If a proposal is judged WORTHY, any ruleset changes specified in
the proposal shall happen, and the author of the proposal shall gain 2

106. Each player has a number of points, which is initially 0 for all
players, and is 0 for new players.

Section 2. Colonies.

201. A nomic is defined as a game where the rules can change in some way.

202. An internet nomic is defined as a nomic played on the internet.

203. A colony is defined as an internet nomic which explicitly says in
its ruleset that it is a Colony of B Nomic, and that the Emperor of B
Nomic may, at any time, edit its ruleset in any way.

204. When a player causes an internet nomic to become a colony, or
starts a new colony, e shall announce this to a Public Forum, and
shall gain 10 points. E shall be recorded as the "Colonizer" of that

205. Whenever a person joins a colony as a player, the Colonizer of
that colony gains 3 points.

206. Whenever a player of a colony leaves it, the Colonizer of that
colony loses 3 points.

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