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Re: [s-d] Re: [s-b] HEY!

On Nov 9, 2004, at 3.45 AM, Phil Ulrich wrote:

Not according to that day where you left and rejoined the game... repeatedly. Oct. 29th, actually. You gave up pretty much everything you had at that point. Please see the email from Wonko dated Oct. 30th entitled "General Recognizer" for details.

Unless, of course, Wonko totally reversed his decision.

I did to some extent. E still didn't get anything out of the scam, but e did succeed it storing all of eir stuff in the Conspircy first, so e got it all back.

This happened despite eir typo in naming the society because by rule 2:
"An abbreviation or nickname for an object may be used in place of its identifier provided that the context makes it unambiguous which object is being referred to."

I think it was clear enough that e was referring to the Conspircy.

So yes, e should still have eir original 500~, the 1 point e had before trying the scam, and eir cards:
Rotary Exchange

As far as MiniTwid is concerned, I'll quote Wonko: "You also won't get another 500~, as you didn't enter the game again, you just turned your Lost Soul back into a Player." Sorry. No Tildex for you. You also didn't get a point unless someone gave you one.

This is why e didn't get all the tildex, 500 each every time e rejoined. It's because e wasn't reentering the game, but rather changing eir status in the game. But e did keep all eir original belongings thanks to the Conspircy.

As far as I know, Rodney, you're flat broke and have nothing. Sorry. That's the way the cookie crumbles. Might I suggest not forfeiting (10^100)+1 times in a row in the future?

E raises a good point, though. We need to be careful how we phrase things, as long as Societies can hold pretty much everything.


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