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Re: [s-d] Re: [s-b] [auto] Phil submits p1944

We have a minister of the board. I'm running for it, in fact. ;)

This is more to cover blanket cases for new things we don't have a minister for, and I found a big ol' gaping loophole within seconds of submitting. I revised it slightly already. Picture this:

I say I place a PGo stone at a spot I already have a stone. Off hand, without looking, no one's going to notice that's illegal for two reasons (the Ko rule, and you can't take an occupied spot).

However, as a result of my move, I can then state that I place a PGo stone on every single square on the board. It's not considered illegal, as it can be considered a direct result of my negligence. Granted, it'd probably be CFJ'd to death, and I'd lose, but the point is that that door could be opened.

And, of course, Zarpint or Wonko would come up with something even more ridiculous than that, probably resulting in a win.
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On Nov 6, 2004, at 10:13 PM, Jake Eakle wrote:

Is the negligent player's move still legal? Can they go back and update it
later, after legal moves excluding theirs have been made?

It seems like a better solution would be to make a minister of the board, and remove the rule that requires players to send accurate versions of teh board. It would still be reccomended, but then if the minister didn't update
soon enough, moves made would still be legal.


On 11/6/04 7:06 PM, "wonko@xxxxxxxxxxx" <wonko@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Auto-mailed on nweek 72, nday 8
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Phil has submitted a new proposal, p1944.

Proposal 1944/0: Clean Up After Yourselves
A New Rule by Phil
Last modified on nweek 72, nday 8

If a legal move is taken that would result in the update of a Public Display, and there is no Minister in charge of the Display in question, the Player who took that move must update the Display themselves within one full nday of taking the move. Any moves that are taken after that time that are later found to be illegal as a direct result of the Player's negligence to update the
Display are not considered illegal.

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