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RE: [spoon-discuss]Re: [Spoon-business] Whn you'r bord, what lscanyoudo?

On 10 Oct 2003 at 6:51, Craig wrote:

> >>> -Fine, 100 such words. And a string of 58 without "e." Kind of a
> >>> tough little game, innit?-
> >>
> >>It doesn't reward random blocks of text; it rewards *proposals*.
> >>
> >>*pause*
> >>
> >>So I guess it does reward random blocks of text. But only random
> >>blocks of text that *do* things. And suchlike.
> >>
> >-Don't be silly, proposals don't have to do anything...-
> But if lacking in portions which do things, such as add or modify our
> Nomic's situation, a proposal has almost 0 probability of passing.

You say you don't know of Proposal 1127..."IT"?


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