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RE: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Whn you'r bord, what ls canyou do?

>>> BTW, I'm inclined to vote against this.  Even with the one-syllable
>> restriction I
>>> managed to write a prose prop.  This is just duuuuuuuuumb.
>> And yet, Georges Perec wrote an entire novel with no e. It was
>> translated to
>> English, with the constraint retained.

>Yes, that's what gave me the idea. "A void", I believe it's called in

Yup. "La Disparation" in French.

>> Though I think the hardest constraint I've seen is the one in the Mike
>> Keith
>> rewrite of "The Raven." It's long, but if I don't post it here,
>> someone's
>> going to ask, so here goes:
>> <snip>
>>                         -- Original: E. Poe
>>                         -- Redone by measuring circles.

>This might be more impressive if I knew what you meant by "measuring

Try writing the number of letters in each word under it. Start with the
"Poe, E." It has quite a lot to do with circle measuring.

 -- Teucer

"I hope I can live up to having a seat next to you in hell."
 -John Cowan


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