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Re: [spoon-discuss] Proto-prop: Patents

--- Baron von Skippy <bvs@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> Now, WBE speeder upgrades, by and large, would
> not
> >> be easily compressed into one little subsection,
> >> unless that was "speeder upgrades," which is too
> >> monopolistic. But Gnomes are Gnomes.
> >
> >That's just it...gnomes aren't gnomes.  If you're
> >trying to bring back all the gnomes there were on
> the
> >old grid, that's, as you say, 34 different kinds of
> >gnomes.  You want a patent on the basic gnome
> because
> >you invented it, fine.  You want a patent on the
> >champagne gnome because you invented it, and it
> uses a
> >basic gnome and a glass of champagne, fine.  But if
> I
> >invent the sparkling creamy jello gnome that uses
> as
> >its ingredients a basic gnome, a champagne gnome
> and a
> >chocolate eclair, I want the patent to that.
> -What if they were defined in the rules, and in the
> rule that defined them, a little blurb was added
> stating who held the patent?-

That means transfers of patent between entities, or
duplication of patent between entities, can only be
done through proposal.  Or, alternately, one would
have to introduce a non-proposal method of changing
the rules.

The first one sounds like a pain in the butt, and the
second sounds dangerous.  Can't say as I really care
for either one.

> >> Just don't give Dave lots and lots of extraneous
> >> work, that's all I'm saying.-
> >
> >As compared to reinventing an in-game production
> and
> >commerce system? :)
> >
> -As I recall, we had a Ministry to help some there.
> As I recall, it was my ministry. So yes, as opposed
> to recreating said system.-

What I meant was, you're creating an economic system
now.  Even if the method of tracking patents is
trivial, you're setting up a system of allocating
resources, creating objects, conducting transactions
between entities and so on, all of which need to be
officially recognized actions on the public forum.  My
guess is that patents won't cause anywhere near as
much work as the economic system that is based on

Les'n you're looking to create a new ministry too...?

-- Glotmorf

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