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Re: [spoon-discuss] Proto-prop: Patents

>> Well, the reason I created this was for, as Glotmorf
>> said, "sole-source vendor societies", so that the
>> societies wouldn't have to be specifically mentioned
>> in the rules. There's no problem with objects that
>> anyone can create being defined in the rules, because
>> no game entities need to be mentioned. Also, I was
>> considering adding a bit about being able to make a
>> patent you hold Public Domain, at which point a rule
>> would be created defining the object, the patent would
>> cease to exist, and anyone could create objects of
>> that type.
>Perhaps instead of having 'technologies' either owned by a sole 
>proprietor or in the Public Domain, entities could gain the plans for 
>certain technologies through various methods; for example, vSOI could 
>create and patent Gnomes, and thus be the only one capable of creating 
>them; but if vSOI taught some other organization, or that organization 
>"stole the plans", so to speak, they'd also be able to create gnomes, 
>teach others, be stolen from, etc.

-Oooh... please let me steal plans? Pretty please? Can I blow up a warehouse or two while I'm at it? Please?-
>It might be even more interesting if individual members of societies 
>could, say, teach other players by notifying Dave privately; everyone 
>would know that somebody in vSOI leaked the plans for gnome vats to 
>OrcTech, but nobody would know who...

-I'm not so sure I like this, though. There's no incentive to keep the price up, unlike in a real market. You can steal the plans and drop the price to a tenth of a point, and it doesn't really hurt you any.-
>Of course, secret data can get difficult, especially if we can't find a 
>better way of submitting and tracking it than having Dave slog through 
>everything. But I imagine we could come up with something.
>I do think we should develop some sort of material resource before 
>doing this, though - I'd rather build gnomes out of Stuff than out of 
-Well, we /had/ Resource Units, but no one did anything with them... save Orc, who bastardized them monstrously.-

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