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RE: [spoon-discuss] Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a gnome out of my hat!

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> Okay, these are both prototypical, because I'm not going to be
> able to check my e-mail much this weekend, so any massive
> complaints may not get addressed quickly enough. I just feel like
> this game is stagnating a little. Go and Tunnelers are really
> most of the game now, and that's just no good... and maybe these
> little guys aren't as useful without the Grid, and maybe that
> means we need the Grid back. Anyway, here's my little idea. Talk
> amongst yourselves. Oh, and I apologize for the name of the
> society... I'm not going to change it, but I apologize anyway.
> I'm considering creating a society with the following charter:
> {{
> __The B Nomic Dedicated Society of Manufacturers__
> The B Nomic Dedicated Society of Manufacturers may also be
> referred to as BDSM.

Nice anacronym. Wnat to apply to join the Commitee for the Liberation and
Intergration of Terrifying Organisms and their Rehabilitation Into Society?

> If there are fewer than three members of BDSM, BDSM automatically
> admits any player who requests to join on a public forum. If
> there are three or more members of BDSM, a majority of the
> Council must approve a player who requests to join before that
> player is accepted into BDSM.
> If there are three or more members of BDSM, the three players who
> have been members the longest are the Council.
> Each nweek, each member of BDSM must either pay three points to
> BDSM or make a proposal which would create a new good for BDSM to
> sell. If a member does neither, that member is ousted from BDSM.
> The Council may oust a member of BDSM if the entire Council
> declare that they oust that member in messages to a public forum
> in the span of one checkpoint.
> Each nweek, BDSM distributes all points it has evenly between its
> members, returning any remainder points to itself.
> }}
> I'm also thinking of proposing:
> {{
> __They're Ba-ack...__
> Create a rule:
> {{
> __Gnomes__
> There exist Gnomes.
> A. Attributes
> A.1. Type
> Each Gnome may have one and only one type. Multiple Gnomes may
> share a type.
> A.2. Stage
> Each Gnome type has a stage, which is a positive integer greater
> than or equal to zero. The stage of a Gnome type is 1 plus the
> highest stage of any Gnome types needed to make that Gnome type
> through mergers. [[So a Stage 0 gnome needs no merges to make it,
> a Stage 1 Gnome needs two or more Stage 0 Gnomes, and a Stage 3
> Gnome could take a Stage 0 and a Stage 2, or a Stage 1 and a
> Stage 2, or a pair of Stage 2 Gnomes, or a combination of three or more.]]

might be easier to make stage work from a minimum of 1, and any gnome of a
stage greater than 1 is of a stage equal to the Sum of the stages of those
gnomes which go to make up that gnome... so a Stage 1 gnome is basic, a
stage 2 gnome is 2 stage 1 gnomes, a stage 4 gnome is any combination which
equals 4.... bit like conkers... your way is a bit too wooly

> A.3. Hit Points
> The number of hit points a Gnome has is equal to the number of
> hit points that Gnome started out with (the number its type has
> at creation) minus the number of times that Gnome has been
> squeezed or bred with another Gnome. If a Gnome has zero hit
> points, that Gnome is destroyed.

link initial HP to stage, so unless defined otherwise, a gnomes initial HP
is equal to its stage (and thus to the HP of all gnomes making it up -
should damage to previously component gnomes reduce the HP of the new gnome?


> [[BvS]]


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