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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] NWEEK 50 BALLOT

On Thursday, October 2, 2003, at 11:40 PM, Glotmorf wrote:

On 2 Oct 2003 at 16:31, Daniel Lepage wrote:

On Thursday, October 2, 2003, at 03:02 PM, Baron von Skippy wrote:

I take myself Off Leave, having returned from DC.  I think I still
have time to cast my votes, but otherwise I yield to my proxy to

It's debatable whether the Baron could have used your proxy.
Although r208/2 states that the holder of a proxy may cast votes in
the name of the proxy donor, it also states that the donor is
considered to have cast those votes, which, since you were On
Leave, seems like a violation of r15.A, which states that a player
who is On Leave cannot vote.

-Well, which takes precedence? We do have that system for a reason.-

r15 takes precedence, by virtue of a lower id number and higher
chutzpah. But it's not clear that there's a conflict; one says you can
cast votes in eir name, and we'll consider those votes to have come
from em; whereas the other says e can't vote... so one could argue
that either you can't do anything because e can't vote, or that you
can vote but those votes won't be considered to have come from em, or
that the votes, while being considered to have been cast by em,
weren't actually cast by em, so it's legal...

I'd opt for the latter...that a player on leave can't cast a
vote since that would be an action, but a player that has that
player's proxy can cast a vote in eir name, and it's
considered to have been cast by the on-leave player.  Not
considered to be cast, but to have been cast, as in a fait
accompli -- it's done, it happened, regardless of how.

Though, as it says in a rule somewhere between the two, a vote
cast by someone holding X's proxy isn't a vote that X actually
casts, and therefore X's Activity doesn't go up.

That's not what it says; the part you're thinking of is in the definition of Activity (r154/23.B.3.) where it states that a player's Activity goes up at the end of each nweek if e voted on the ballot using at least one non-proxied vote.


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