Jörg Rathlev on 18 Apr 2001 10:15:45 -0000

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RE: spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: Failed Proposal Fine

> Can I make a suggestion for that: Rather than making it illegal to change
> the value during the voting period, why not make it that whenever 
> the value
> is changed the new value becomes active at the start of the next voting
> period. This could be applied to other values too (ie the passed proposal
> reward).

That wouldn't really change anything. The values may be changed *once* per nweek, so if they were changed during the voting period but not applied before the next, it would be ok to change them again the next nweek. Then however, you can just as well wait until the next nweek.

BTW, my proposal applies to all awards and fines, i.e. the Adopted Proposal Award, the Opposed Minority Award, and the Failed Proposal Fine. The only other award that we currently have is the Voting Bonus (rule 392), which is already forbidden to be changed during the voting period.