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spoon-discuss: RE: spoon-business: Failed Proposal Fine

Can I make a suggestion for that: Rather than making it illegal to change
the value during the voting period, why not make it that whenever the value
is changed the new value becomes active at the start of the next voting
period. This could be applied to other values too (ie the passed proposal

The Kid

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> From: Jorg Rathlev [mailto:joerg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: 17 April 2001 22:22
> To: A Nomic Business
> Subject: RE: spoon-business: Failed Proposal Fine
> > I feel that it is time to adjust the Failed Proposal Fine.  I 
> > make it 5 for
> > this nweek and will lower it next week to try to spur the 
> game on.  Banker
> > - have you adjusted any of your adjustable fines?
> You can actually change that value during the voting period? 
> IMHO, that's bad, as people might want to deactivate some 
> proposals if the FPF seems too high to them.
> I propose:
> \begin{proposal}
> \title{Awards and Fines should be known before voting starts}
> Amend rule 323 by replacing both occurences of "Once per 
> nweek," with "Once per nweek, but not during the voting period,"
> \end{proposal}
> Joerg