Joel Uckelman on 6 Apr 2001 23:40:27 -0000

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spoon-discuss: Re: spoon-business: Go Move timimg problems

If you want to change it so you don't have to worry about time zones, why 
not have the waiting period be 24 hours? Then it's still one move per day, 
but then its your days instead of game days. That would also make it easier 
to determine whether moves are legal, since I won't have to do any hard 
arithmetic to determine whether something is within 24 hours. "Er, is this 
more than 19 hours later, let's see..."

Quoth Joerg:
> I just discovered a problem with the one-move-per-day limitation for Go =
> Moves. The Kid's RFJ states that Poulenc could not place a stone at K5 =
> because that was his second move on 30 March. That's correct, but still, =
> look at the messages' date headers:
> Move 1 (o4) has a date field of 29 Mar, 20:11 -0500
> Move 2 (k5) has a date field of 30 Mar, 00:37 -0500
> So Poulenc made the second move the second day, in his local time zone. =
> But since game time is UTC, the messages were sent 01:11 and 05:37, the =
> same day.
> This doesn't make sense. I don't want to worry about time zones whenever =
> I make a go move.
> I revise my proposal P461 as follows:
> \begin{proposal}
> \title{Go moves improvement}
> [[Don't know, can I change the title here? The current title is Go =
> alliances improvement, but it doesn't really describe the proposal any =
> longer.]]
> \number{461}
> In P461/0, replace "Each Go player may make no more than one Go move per =
> Game day" with "Each Go player may make no more than one Go move within =
> 19 hours"
> and add the following pararaph at the end of the proposed rule text:
> "[[One move per 19 hours instead of 24 hours because then you can start =
> playing up to 5 hours before the time at which you played the day =
> before, e.g. if you played at 00:00 yesterday, you don't have to wait =
> till 00:00 before you may play again, you may start at 19:00 already.]]"
> \end{proposal}
> Joerg