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[s-b] Oracularity: Paranoid transactions

I submit the following Consultation with the Question {{Can mental
states be altered in a transaction?}} and naming ais523 as the
Unbeliever. I provide the following Reasoning:

Rule 4E0 states, in part:

{{Mental States can only change as explicitly described by this rule.

A PEP can set his Mental State by posting a message to a Public Forum
(or any forum that was a Public Forum within the past month) stating
that he does so, and specifying his new Mental State.}}

Rule 4E12 claims:

{{The Game Actions in a Transaction that Succeeds occur just as though
the Outsider had taken them individually.}}

However, a transaction does not directly constitute a 4E0 (explicit)
statement of change in mental state. Even though 4E12 purports to
effect such an action, 4E0 prohibits any additional mechanisms.

It is also arguable that mental state changes are not Game Actions. In
that case, they can not be made part of a transaction.

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