Jamie Dallaire on Wed, 19 Nov 2008 11:21:50 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-b] Dominance.

What is Monstrous Consent?


As Ranger, I have the ability to speak to the Beast. I investigated this
morning, and must report the following exchange, which was relayed to me by
the Beast:

8:32 PM Nov. 18th 2008 - OCB: So, what do you think about what teucer just
8:33 PM Nov. 18th 2008 - Monster: Pah, I never agreed to that. And I never
8:33 PM Nov. 18th 2008 - OCB: Coo
8:35 PM Nov. 18th 2008 - Monster: afk brb
8:35 PM Nov. 18th 2008 - OCB: laterzz!

I'm only reporting the facts.

Ranger Billy Pilgrim

On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 8:15 PM, Craig Daniel <teucer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Noting that I can only change the rules willy-nilly if a rule allows
> me to, and that the Monster is a rule and thus has the ability to
> allow such a thing, I intend, with Monstrou's consent, to undertake
> the following action:
> {I cause the Monster to allow me to amend the ruleset at will.}
> At the next occurrence of 02:00 UTC, I submit the following transaction:
> {A. I cause the Monster to allow me to amend the ruleset at will.
> [[This will fail unless I have Monstrou's consent, as required by rule
> .]]
> B. I change the ruleset as follows:
> 1. Rule 4e85 is deleted.
> 2. Rule 4e31 is amended by adding to the end the following text:
> {Teucer of nweek 2 of every year is known as Oligarchy Day, and may
> also be called Hive Day; it is celebrated in honor of the takeover of
> the game on Winday of nweek 152.}
> 3. Rule 4e39 is replaced with the following text: {There exists a
> unique Game Object called the Message Of The nweek, also known as the
> motnw. The motnw has one Attribute called the Message, with a Scope of
> the motnw Object, a Range of any string of between 1 and 256
> characters inclusive, and a Default Value of "All Hail the Glorious
> Oligarchs". teucer may, as a game action, change the motnw. The value
> of the motnw Message Attribute should be prominently posted on a
> Public Display. [[the main page of the B Nomic wiki is ideal]]
> 4. I change the text of Rule 4e20 to the following: {Registered voters
> consist of the players known as of the most recent amendment to this
> rule as "teucer", "j", "Charles", and "Monstrou". The term "Oligarch"
> shall be considered a synonym of "Registered Voter."}. I change the
> title of this rule to "Players Who Can Vote."
> 5. I change the text of rule 4e0 by replacing step 2 of the Emergency
> Procedures with {2. If teucer is a PEP, e becomes the Emergency
> Coordinator. Otherwise, the PEP who most recently held the Minister of
> Ministries becomes the Emergency Coordinator.} and by replacing the
> text {gather all submitted Refresh Proposals} with {gather at least
> one Refresh Proposal}.
> 6. I amend Rule 4e9 by replacing the phrase {continuing to the
> present.} with {ending immediately before the start of the Fifth Era
> of B Nomic. The Fifth Era of B Nomic is the time starting with nweek
> 153 (19 Nov 2008, prompted by teucer's conquest of the rules) and
> continuing until the present.}
> 7. I amend Rule 4e36 by replacing the text {the notation "4E" (for
> Fourth Era)} with the text {the notation "5E" (for Fifth Era)}. [[The
> rule so amended is, of course, thereafter known as Rule 5e36.]]
> 8. I create a power=0 rule, numbered 5e99, which reads {Upon the
> creation of this rule, it is Breakday of nweek 153 and all PEPs are
> Calm. If at any time there is a rule numbered 5e100, this rule is
> automatically repealed.} [[This serves to restart the nweek so that
> new proposals have more time to develop in response to the new
> oligarchy, and to ensure that rules newer than the era change are
> always recognizable by their triple-digit numbers.]]
> 9. I delete any rules which may have been created by Wooble through
> the use of contract automation.
> C. I set the Message of the Nweek to {B Nomic: it's better than sex.}
> D. I cease to be a member of The Neo-Dadaist Alliance for Creampuff
> Rights and of The Pocketbook Party.}
> It is my intention to vote for a proposed restoration of democracy.
> But only if it's an entertaining one.
>  - teucer
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