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[s-b] Dominance.

Noting that I can only change the rules willy-nilly if a rule allows
me to, and that the Monster is a rule and thus has the ability to
allow such a thing, I intend, with Monstrou's consent, to undertake
the following action:

{I cause the Monster to allow me to amend the ruleset at will.}

At the next occurrence of 02:00 UTC, I submit the following transaction:

{A. I cause the Monster to allow me to amend the ruleset at will.
[[This will fail unless I have Monstrou's consent, as required by rule

B. I change the ruleset as follows:

1. Rule 4e85 is deleted.
2. Rule 4e31 is amended by adding to the end the following text:
{Teucer of nweek 2 of every year is known as Oligarchy Day, and may
also be called Hive Day; it is celebrated in honor of the takeover of
the game on Winday of nweek 152.}
3. Rule 4e39 is replaced with the following text: {There exists a
unique Game Object called the Message Of The nweek, also known as the
motnw. The motnw has one Attribute called the Message, with a Scope of
the motnw Object, a Range of any string of between 1 and 256
characters inclusive, and a Default Value of "All Hail the Glorious
Oligarchs". teucer may, as a game action, change the motnw. The value
of the motnw Message Attribute should be prominently posted on a
Public Display. [[the main page of the B Nomic wiki is ideal]]
4. I change the text of Rule 4e20 to the following: {Registered voters
consist of the players known as of the most recent amendment to this
rule as "teucer", "j", "Charles", and "Monstrou". The term "Oligarch"
shall be considered a synonym of "Registered Voter."}. I change the
title of this rule to "Players Who Can Vote."
5. I change the text of rule 4e0 by replacing step 2 of the Emergency
Procedures with {2. If teucer is a PEP, e becomes the Emergency
Coordinator. Otherwise, the PEP who most recently held the Minister of
Ministries becomes the Emergency Coordinator.} and by replacing the
text {gather all submitted Refresh Proposals} with {gather at least
one Refresh Proposal}.
6. I amend Rule 4e9 by replacing the phrase {continuing to the
present.} with {ending immediately before the start of the Fifth Era
of B Nomic. The Fifth Era of B Nomic is the time starting with nweek
153 (19 Nov 2008, prompted by teucer's conquest of the rules) and
continuing until the present.}
7. I amend Rule 4e36 by replacing the text {the notation "4E" (for
Fourth Era)} with the text {the notation "5E" (for Fifth Era)}. [[The
rule so amended is, of course, thereafter known as Rule 5e36.]]
8. I create a power=0 rule, numbered 5e99, which reads {Upon the
creation of this rule, it is Breakday of nweek 153 and all PEPs are
Calm. If at any time there is a rule numbered 5e100, this rule is
automatically repealed.} [[This serves to restart the nweek so that
new proposals have more time to develop in response to the new
oligarchy, and to ensure that rules newer than the era change are
always recognizable by their triple-digit numbers.]]
9. I delete any rules which may have been created by Wooble through
the use of contract automation.

C. I set the Message of the Nweek to {B Nomic: it's better than sex.}

D. I cease to be a member of The Neo-Dadaist Alliance for Creampuff
Rights and of The Pocketbook Party.}

It is my intention to vote for a proposed restoration of democracy.
But only if it's an entertaining one.

 - teucer
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