Jay Campbell on Fri, 14 Nov 2008 19:10:33 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] Proposal: Fix contracts

I submit this Black proposal, "Fix Contracts and Corporations" {{

[ Officers and enslavement clauses are still a mess, let's ditch 
officers and make contract modifications unanimous-agreement ]

Replace 4E70 Contracts with {

A Legal Entity may create a Game Document known as a Contract. Legal 
entities who are bound by a Contract are known as Parties to that 
contract. Contracts may be modified with the explicit approval of all 
parties. A Contract may specify ways for Legal Entities to become, or 
cease to become, Parties to it. If a Contract has no Parties, any Player 
may cause it to cease to be a Game Object.

When a Party becomes obligated by a Contract to perform an action, any 
Player may send a message to the Public Forum causing that action to occur.

Contracts may create Things, which are Game Objects that exist only 
within the scope of that Contract. Things may be referenced from other 
contexts. Things may not be created with the same name as any existing 
Game Object. Any object or state that a Contract claims to create that 
is not authorized by the Rules is considered a Thing.

There exists a Ministry known as the Ministry of Business. The Ministry 
of Business, also known as the Arbiter, is responsible for maintaining a 
Public Display of all Contracts and their current text, parties and 
other gamestate.


Replace 4E79 Incorporation with {

A Contract declaring itself to be a set of Articles of Incorporation for 
a given name creates a Legal Entity known as a Corporation, which 
automatically performs all game actions its Contract obligates it to. A 
Corporation may own, receive and transfer macks and socks, and vote on 
changes to Contracts it is a Party to.


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