Charles Schaefer on Tue, 11 Nov 2008 17:49:36 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-b] Approving PDs is too much of a hassle

Having received no objections, I activate this tweak.

2008/11/6, Charles Schaefer <chuckles11489@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I submit the following Tweak:
> {{Change the text of Rule 4E48 to:
> "There exists an attribute Reward with a scope of all Ministries, a range
> of all integer amounts of mack between (and including) m1 and m100, and a
> default value of m100. At the beginning of each nweek, the Reward for any
> Vacant Ministry is set to the default value.
> A Minister may, as a Game Action, lower the Reward Value of its Ministry by
> as much as m20. This action may only be taken once per nday per Ministry
> unless a different Legal Entity has proposed a lower Ministry reward than
> the current one.
> As a Game Action a Legal Entity with sufficient mack may Usurp a Ministry
> that is currently held by a different Legal Entity, proposing for this
> Ministry a new Reward Value, which must be up to m20 lower than its current
> Reward. A Legal Entity is defined as having sufficient mack to Usurp a
> Ministry if it holds at least half that Ministry's (pre-Usurpation) Reward.
> If, 2 rdays after a Ministry is Usurped, that Ministry's Reward is still
> higher than the Reward proposed by the Usurping Legal Entity, the following
> events occur (in order from top to bottom, with each change only if the
> previous change was successful):
>    - Half of the Ministry's Reward is automatically transferred from the
>    Usurping Legal Entity to the current Minister.
>    - The Ministry becomes assigned to the Usurping Legal Entity.
>    - The Ministry's Reward is set to match the proposed Reward."}}
> As a game action and with no objection, I intend to activate this Tweak.
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