Charles Schaefer on Thu, 6 Nov 2008 13:57:14 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] Approving PDs is too much of a hassle

I submit the following Tweak:

{{Change the text of Rule 4E48 to:
"There exists an attribute Reward with a scope of all Ministries, a range of
all integer amounts of mack between (and including) m1 and m100, and a
default value of m100. At the beginning of each nweek, the Reward for any
Vacant Ministry is set to the default value.

A Minister may, as a Game Action, lower the Reward Value of its Ministry by
as much as m20. This action may only be taken once per nday per Ministry
unless a different Legal Entity has proposed a lower Ministry reward than
the current one.

As a Game Action a Legal Entity with sufficient mack may Usurp a Ministry
that is currently held by a different Legal Entity, proposing for this
Ministry a new Reward Value, which must be up to m20 lower than its current
Reward. A Legal Entity is defined as having sufficient mack to Usurp a
Ministry if it holds at least half that Ministry's (pre-Usurpation) Reward.
If, 2 rdays after a Ministry is Usurped, that Ministry's Reward is still
higher than the Reward proposed by the Usurping Legal Entity, the following
events occur (in order from top to bottom, with each change only if the
previous change was successful):

   - Half of the Ministry's Reward is automatically transferred from the
   Usurping Legal Entity to the current Minister.

   - The Ministry becomes assigned to the Usurping Legal Entity.

   - The Ministry's Reward is set to match the proposed Reward."}}

As a game action and with no objection, I intend to activate this Tweak.
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