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Re: [s-b] [s-d] Proposal: The Plague

On Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 4:26 PM, Charles Schaefer

> And what's to stop players from just letting things die and then restoring
> them by proposal? (I seem to recall that happening with Devour a few times)

Yeah. Maybe we could write in some protection for this rule later to counter
that. For now, am just hoping people will see the fun in this.

In order to better specify infectable Game Objects, I Revise the Proposal
entitled "The Plague" to read:
{There exists a Ministry known as the Ministry of Health. The Minister of
Public Health, also known as the Physician, or as Bones, is responsible for
maintaining a Public Display of all Plagued Game Objects and for making all
random selections called for in this Rule by having nomic.net's dice server
send the results to the Public Forum.
Plagued is a Property with a Scope of all Players, Rules, Contracts, Points,
Macks (if these are defined as Game Objects by the Rules), Socks,
Consultations, Subgames, Proposals, Indictments, and Tricks, and a default
value of False. Game Objects with the Plagued Property may be said to be

Virulence is an Attribute with a Scope of all Plagued Game Objects, a Range
of all positive integers, and a default value of 1.

At the start of nday 1, each Plagued Game Object has a percent probability
of being destroyed (ie ceasing to exist) equal to the square of (its
Virulence + 2).

Then, a number of randomly selected non-Plagued Game Objects, equal to the
sum of the squares of all Plagued Game Objects' Virulences, become Plagued.
Then, the Virulence of every Game Object is increased by one. Then, if there
exist less Plagued Game Objects than Active Players, randomly selected Game
Objects gain the Plagued Property until there are exactly as many Plagued
Game Objects as Active Players.

At any time, any Player may remove any specified Game Object's Plagued
Property by destroying 25 of his own macks.

Billy Pilgrim
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