Jamie Dallaire on Fri, 7 Nov 2008 14:12:24 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-b] Proposal: The Plague

Oh, and it makes more sense if I actually include this extra part about
virulence increasing by one every nweek!

I revise the Proposal entitled "The Plague" to read:

> There exists a Ministry known as the Ministry of Health. The Minister of
> Public Health, also known as the Physician, or as Bones, is responsible for
> maintaining a Public Display of all Plagued Game Objects, making all random
> selections called for in this Rule using nomic.net's dice server, and
> announcing the results to the Public Forum.
> Plagued is a Property with a Scope of all Game Objects and a default value
> of False. Game Objects with the Plagued Property may be said to be Plagued.
> Virulence is an Attribute with a Scope of all Plagued Game Objects, a Range
> of all positive integers, and a default value of 2.
> At the start of nday 1, each Plagued Game Object has a percent probability
> of being destroyed (ie ceasing to exist) equal to the square of (its
> Virulence + 2).
> Then, for every Game Object that was Plagued at the start of the nweek
> (even those which have just been destroyed by this Rule), a number of
> randomly selected non-Plagued Game Objects, equal to the square of each
> Plagued Game Object's Virulence, become Plagued. Then, the Virulence of
> every Game Object is increased by one. Then, 10 more randomly selected Game
> Objects become Plagued.
> At any time, any Player may remove any specified Game Object's Plagued
> Property by destroying 50 macks.
> }
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