Ed Murphy on Sun, 9 Nov 2008 01:55:18 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [s-b] Werewolves cleanup to prep for session #2

I wrote:

> I intend, without objection (in both the Agora and the B sense), to make
> the following changes to the Werewolves contract.
> [Side note:  Agora's and B's time limits on without-objection are
> annoyingly different; Agora requires action during 4 to 14 days after
> intent, B requires it during 2 to 4 ndays after.  (Note to Agorans:  B
> has a clock tied to the proposal-voting cycle, ticking off ndays while
> it's on and ndelays while it's off; it also extends relative durations
> to the end of the relevant nday.)  I may re-post this intent in a
> couple days to give myself a larger time window for completion.]
> Replace 1c) with:
>   1c) Any first-class person (as defined by Agora) or Human External
>       Force (as defined by B) CAN join or leave this contract.
> Amend 1d) by replacing "by the rules." with "by the rules of Agora
> and B".
> Replace both sections labeled 1f) with this text:
>   1f) The contestmaster CAN end the current session and/or end the
>       subgame without member objection.
> Amend 1g) by replacing "in which it is a contract" with "in which it is
> a contract, unless a limited set of recipients is specified".
> Amend 2) and 3) and 7c) by removing "by announcement" (and, for 3), the
> comma immediately preceding it).

Having received no objections (in either sense), I make the
above changes.

I plan to start session #2 in a couple days or so.  B players
wishing to participate should agree to join the contract.

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