Ed Murphy on Wed, 5 Nov 2008 12:06:15 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] Werewolves cleanup to prep for session #2

I intend, without objection (in both the Agora and the B sense), to make
the following changes to the Werewolves contract.

[Side note:  Agora's and B's time limits on without-objection are
annoyingly different; Agora requires action during 4 to 14 days after
intent, B requires it during 2 to 4 ndays after.  (Note to Agorans:  B
has a clock tied to the proposal-voting cycle, ticking off ndays while
it's on and ndelays while it's off; it also extends relative durations
to the end of the relevant nday.)  I may re-post this intent in a
couple days to give myself a larger time window for completion.]

Replace 1c) with:

  1c) Any first-class person (as defined by Agora) or Human External
      Force (as defined by B) CAN join or leave this contract.

Amend 1d) by replacing "by the rules." with "by the rules of Agora
and B".

Replace both sections labeled 1f) with this text:

  1f) The contestmaster CAN end the current session and/or end the
      subgame without member objection.

Amend 1g) by replacing "in which it is a contract" with "in which it is
a contract, unless a limited set of recipients is specified".

Amend 2) and 3) and 7c) by removing "by announcement" (and, for 3), the
comma immediately preceding it).
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