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[s-b] [auto] Triller submits p257

Triller has submitted a new Motion, p257.

Motion 257/0: A Training Room Addition Is Needed.
A Proposal by Triller
Last modified on nweek 98, nday 1

[[ A TRAIN ]]

[[ I thought I'd give the Shakespearean Sonnet
form a try. The quatrain form is fair,
it is in iambic pentameter, and the rhyme
scheme is as specified in 3-9. ]]

The Training Room is added to The House.
Description: {{Here around a well lit space
are three depictions: soldier in dress blouse,
great tome stacked desk, and gymnast (lithe, all grace). }}
The Ordinances that apply shall be:
{{ No Combat is allowed within these walls.
A Player pays one Action Point to see
a 2D3 roll that the Super calls.
Acuity and Health and Nimbleness,
are one, two, three the toss of the first die.
That Attribute remains unchanged unless
die two is one; then increment it high. }}
An exit to The Gallery is clear.
Add to The Gallery an exit here.


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