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[Spoon-business] Three-Proposal Monte

I submit the following proposal:

{{__Three-Proposal Monte__

One of the proposals "Choice One", "Choice Two", and "Choice Three" is
chosen at random. All players who voted FOR that proposal and AGAINST the
other two, or AGAINST that proposal and FOR the other two, shall receive 50
points. Additionally, all players who voted FOR it if it passed or AGAINST
it if it failed shall receive 20 points. [[Note that no specific proposal is
specified here, nor is it specefied how players should vote on the
unspecified proposal, thereby skirting the "No Kickbacks" rule.]]

I also submit three proposals, titled "Choice One", "Choice Two", and
"Choice Three". These each have the following text:

If the proposal "Three-Proposal Monte" passed, give all players ten points.

 - Teucer

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