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[Spoon-business] The Checkpointly Recognizer (Sunday Night)

"Rewarding Strangeness" is p1768/1.
"Once More, With Less Suckage" is p1770/0.

CFI 1748 is still remanded to the Upper House, of which Glotmorf (due to
eir recusal from said CFI) is not a member.

In fact, upon further review, it appears there is no Upper House...

r128 says that members must meet or exceed the requirements to be Veterans
of B Nomic, but there is no such entity in the current Rules. Thus, at
some point, I'll be required to issue a ruling, as the Upper House is by
definition unable to reach a judgment (what's a majority of zero again?) I
do, however, have to wait seven days (so that the non-existent Upper House
can fail to reach a majority ruling).

Meanwhile, Glotmorf manages to rule True on CFI 1763.

Sagitta's "Award Sagitta a win." statement has no effect, as eir attempt
at Pseudocode fails, and makes em look silly in the process.


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