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[Spoon-business] This time for sure...

I propose:

__Once More, With Less Suckage__

Create a rule:

__Time Twisting 101__

This rule takes precedence over Rule 204.

A. Balefire
Balefire is a substance which can be used to remove a target from the gamestate retroactively, such that it ceased to exist at the beginning of the checking period before the checking period in which balefire was used on it. This length of time is standard unless otherwise specified in the description of the source of the balefire. If the removal of the target would allow actions to be taken that were declared before balefire was used, those actions occur. If those actions are player actions, the player who would perform the action must alert the Administrator of their now-legal actions before those actions can occur.

Due to the dangerous nature of balefire, both to the gamestate and to the sanity of the Admin, anything that would allow balefire to be created must be defined in this section of this rule. If a rule would be modified such that it would not comply with this rule, the modification does not occur.

Balefire may not be used to target the following:
The Administrator
Rules or sections of rules
Proposals or sections of proposals
A player's ability to perform an action
States of Emergency
The Clock
Objects which create balefire

A.1. The fluted black rod ter'angreal
There exists an object called the Balefire Rod. The Balefire Rod is a fluted rod of black stone a pace long which produces balefire at a cost of 50 points to the player using it. The Balefire Rod is unstable to use, and use of it removes it immediately from the possession of the player who used it. At the end of the checking period in which it was used, the Balefire Rod is given to a randomly selected player other than the player who last had it in their possession.

B. The Deus Ex Ovum
There exist objects called the Deus Ex Ovum. Only the Administrator may possess or smash a Deus Ex Ovum. Smashing a Deus Ex Ova causes the Clock to be turned back a length of time of the Administrator's choosing, and the gamestate is changed such that it is identical to the gamestate at the time the Clock is now set to. Additionally, when a Deus Ex Ova is smashed, the Clock is stopped until there are seven wdays on the Watch.

C. The Tydnab Emyt
There exists an object called the Tydnab Emyt. The player who possesses the Tydnab Emyt may use it to retroactively undo a single action taken by a single player since the beginning of the checking period before the checking period in which the Tydnab Emyt is used. When the Tydnab Emyt is used, possession of it is given to the player whose action was targeted by its last use.

Add a card to the Cardlist:

Image: A group of people playing a strategy card game. One of the players is setting fire to a card while another looks on in horror. The rest of the players don't seem to notice.

Text: When you play this card, choose a card played since the beginning of the checking period before the checking period in which you played this card. The effects of that card are undone and the card is considered to have been discarded at the time of its being played.

Add six Big-Bad-I-Said-Nos to the Deck.

Create three Deus Ex Ovum in the possession of the Administrator.

Give the Balefire Rod to a random player.

Give the Tydnab Emyt to a random player.

Give 5 points to Zarpint the Incomplete.

Add four Tournament Russian Roulettes to the deck.

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