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[Spoon-business] Scam prop alterations

Okay, based on the idea that "a consensus" is undefined, I'm adding a part that creates an easy-to-make poll, and basing a few things around that. This gets past the questions like "what is a scam" and "what if  I spend hours and hours doing this neener neener little thing to become Stylish?" It also leaves us a new thing to play with later.

I alter Proposal 1613 in its entirety to read:

__Scams and Straw Polls__

Create a rule:
__Straw Polls__

A Straw Poll is a poll of B Nomic players on one or more topics, generally used to get a feel for public opinion on a topic. Any Player or the Administrator can issue a Straw Poll at any time by posting a message on a public forum which includes a yes/no question being asked. Players and the Administrator have three days to respond to the poll, answering yes or no, at the end of which time the poll is concluded. The player who called for the poll is responsible for keeping track of the responses and posting the result at the end of the three days.

Create a rule: 

A. Definition 
The definition of a Scam includes any attempt by a player to circumvent the spirit, but not the wording, of one or more rules, utilize a loophole in one or more rules, or utilize an unforseen interaction between two or more rules.

If a player feels a Scam has been committed in any online game of Nomic, that player may issue a Straw Poll to that effect. including a name for the possible scam. If a majority of respondents to the poll agree that a Scam has been committed, the Scam is given a name. No Scam may share a name with another Scam. The player(s) who performed a scam is (are) the Scammer(s) of that Scam.

If a Scam was found to be legal, that Scam is successful.

B. Titles 
After each successful Scam in B Nomic, titles are to be awarded to involved players in the following fashion: 

The Scammers each recieve the title "Lord of the XXXX Scam," with "XXXX" replaced with the name of the scam. 

Any players whose words, or actions led to the Scammers coming up with the scam are awarded the title "Knight of the XXXX Scam," with "XXXX" replaced with the name of the scam. These players should be identified by the Scammers. 

Any players who attempted to stop the scam, argued unsuccessfully against the legality of the scam, attempted to undo the scam and failed, or wrote one or more of the rules which the Scammers used as the basis of the scam are awarded the title "Pawn of the XXXX Scam," with "XXXX" replaced with the name of the scam. These players should be identified by Straw Poll. 

In general, players should receive no more than one of the above titles as a result of a Scam. 

C. Rewards 
On the next Ballot after a Scam, all players other than the Scammers should rate the Scam on a scale from 0 to 20 if the Scam was successful, or 0 to 10 if it was unsuccessful, on how Stylish it was. All Scammers are awarded a number of Style Points equal to the average of these ratings, rounded to the nearest integer. 

D. Guerilla Warfare 
B Nomic players are encouraged to attempt to perform Scams in other games of Nomic. If a player shows proof of a successful Scam they performed in another game, that player recieves 15 Style plus 10 Style for each Win they were awarded as a result of the Scam, and the title "Lord of the XXXX YYYY Scam," with "XXXX" replaced with the whole name of the other Nomic [[B Nomic, Nomicron, The Curvature Of The Earth Is Overwhelmed By Local Noise Nomic]], and with "YYYY" replaced with the name the Scammer has given to the Scam.

The Administrator can choose to withhold the Style and titles awarded in the previous paragraph at eir discretion.

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