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Re: [spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] More on scams

>>A. Definition
>>A Scam is any attempt by a player to achieve an instant win in any online 
>>game of Nomic by circumventing the spirit, but not the wording, of one or 
>>more rules, utilizing a loophole in one or more rules, or utilizing an 
>>unforseen interaction between two or more rules. The player(s) who perform 
>>a scam is (are) the Scammer(s) of that Scam.
>[EB] I pause uncomfortably at the term "instant." Exploitable it is.
-How so?-

>>D. Guerrila Warfare
>[EB] Guerilla. It looks wrong to me both ways, but Other People agree that 
>yours in wronger.
-Noted. Mr. A, can you please rectify this error?-

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