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RE: [Spoon-business] Proposal and Comatose Fixes

>Repeal r437 [[Literary Forms]].

Okay, before this takes effect, I'm going to try my literary form loophole
before it's too late.

I hereby create a society called "The TTS Society" with the following
There exist objects called Thneeds. It is possible to Knit a Thneed.

A Thneed is what everyone, everyone needs. Therefore, if at any time a
player does not have a Thneed, one is created in eir posession.

I then propose a Haiku Form proposal as follows:
If this prop passes
Then the TTS charter
Shall become a rule.

Suddenly, if my rather silly rule passes, it counts as Haiku Form even
though no new poetry will be placed in the ruleset.

I was going to wait until I had a substantive proposal, rather than a Dr
Seuss reference, but by then it will likely be too late. I only regret that
it will be a month before I know whether this worked or not.

 -- Teucer

"I hope I can live up to having a seat next to you in hell."
 -John Cowan


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