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[Spoon-business] Don't get up, I'll get it...

I make the following CFI/J/K/L/M, whatever's appropriate:

Statement: The groups "The Juinor G-Men" and "The Juinor Pay-BD-Men" have no members, and cannot have Gremlins as members.

Analysis (stolen from Dave): None of the entities named as members of either society have yet declared their willingness to be members thereof (and, as NPCs, are unlikely to do so). The public rules provided for that society provide no way for Gremlins to join, and even if they did, the Gremlins have no legal way to accept the invitation. Furthermore, even if the listed Gremlins were members (which they aren't), none of them could make proposals. The society may *attempt* to do so, but there are no players in the society from which the required bandwidth may be drawn.

[[I'd also like to note to bd that it's pretty annoying when you try to latch onto someone else's grab at victory. So what if Glotmorf wins? Will your victory immediately thereafter salve the hurt?]]


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