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Re: [Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Saturday morning)

On 6/29/02 at 3:52 PM David E. Smith wrote:

>"The Junior G-Men" is 825/0. (And since all the named members are
>Gremlins, who can neither make proposals nor vote, it won't do much.)

"The Junior G-Men" is not a proposal.  In the original message I said, "I create the following society"; therefore, The Junior G-Men is a society I have created as an action, in accordance with Rule 578, subsection G.2.  The society exists, and has a charter and members.

Gremlins can't make proposals, but societies can, as per Rule 578, subsection F, as long as the society's charter details the circumstances under which the society makes a proposal (which the Junior G-Men's charter does: immediately upon its creation and every nweek thereafter), has not more members than half the number of players in the game (the society has six, and the players are currently at 13), and each player in the society has enough bandwidth to cover proposals made (there aren't any players, so that's a non-issue).  Since the Junior G-Men fit these criteria, the society made one proposal as soon as it was created, and (unless the society is disbanded somehow) will make another one next nweek.

Gremlins can't vote on proposals, but members of societies can, and in fact must, as per Rule 578, subsection F.  Therefore, the proposal the Junior G-Men made upon their creation will receive at least six votes.

Seven, of course, if you count mine. :)


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