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[Spoon-business] Nomilogue Epilogue

{{ _You Won't Have DimShips to Kick Around Any More_


G. Morf, pres.
M-Tek Laboratories
28 June 2002

Mr. Morf,

	After careful consideration, review of my finances and a certain amount of soul-searching, I regret to inform you that I have determined that the price of adventure, as adjusted to my life at this time, is somewhat lower than the cost of a new dimensional craft.  I must therefore decline the proposal you presented to me the week prior.

	Should the development of dimensional technology become economically feasible to the point of a return on investment, I require that you remain aware that the technology was developed while under contract to me, and therefore I would be a party to any patent application you might make.

	In the meantime, should you or your organization decide to pursue dimensional technology and exploration independent of my direct involvement, I would take pleasure in your visiting the tavern and relating your exploits to me.  As an associate of a non-professional nature, the drinks would of course be on me.

					Most sincerely,

						Hedgford Thormbley Esq.

From: G
To: Frank
Subj: DimShip files

Can 'em.  It's over.

From: Frank
To: G
Subj: DimShip files

I'll just archive them and send a copy to offsite storage.  There could be some commercial application here.  I mean, hell the Barney realm looks a lot like a really cost-effective daycare center...

From: G
To: Frank
Subj: DimShip files



Remove the last paragraph from Rule 214.

Repeal Rule 493.

Repeal Rule 635.


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