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[Spoon-business] Ministry of the Weather

{{ __Let's Take A Look at the BIG Channel 6 Weather Map!__

Create a rule entitled __Ministry of the Weather__ with the following
-0- delimited text:

There exists a Ministry of the Weather. The player holding the title of "Minister of the Weather" may also be referred to as the Weather Man.

The Weather Man has the power to update the Weather, and must do so.

The Weather Man must also keep track of any changes to the Grid or gamestate as a result of changes in the Weather, and must inform all players as to such.

The Weather Man shall be paid a salary of 2 points whenever the Weather is updated. After four consecutive nweeks of holding the title of Weather Man, the Weather Man shall receive a bonus of 1 point of Respect.


Make The Voice the first Weather Man.


As I have no experience as per webpages, I would ask that, if this passes, Dave stick something on the website which stated the Weather (Roster or Grid?).

-0- Thus Spake The Voice -0-

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