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[Spoon-business] proposal

{{ __Less Is More: Weather__

[[Granted there isn't much for weather right now, but I plan to fix that shortly.]]

Amend rule 405 so that it has the following -0- delimited text:


A. Definition

There exists Weather on the Grid. The Weather has Characteristics. Only subsections of section B of this rule are explicitly defined to be Characteristics. This rule takes precedence over every other rule which defines a Characteristic. The Weather is updated at the beginning of the 1st and 6th ndays of every nweek.

B. Characteristics

1. Temperature

The characteristic of Temperature has a value in degrees Celsius. Only values of Temperature that are less than or equal to 0 are considered Freezing.

If the Temperature ever goes below -30, it is set to -30, and if it ever goes above 40, it is set to 40.

Whenever the Weather is updated, (the 15th Gremlin number minus 2) shall be added to the Temperature.


Repeal rule 545.

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