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__Luck of the irish__

Create the following rule:
There exists a dimension names luck. Luck starts at 0. Luck must be an
integer. Luck must be between -2 and 2. At the end of each nweek, the luck of
all players with positive luck decreases by one, and the luck of all players
with negative luck increases by one.

Create the following rule:
__Leprechaun gnomes__
There exists a type of gnome called the leprechaun gnome. A leprechaun gnome
has 1 hp. A player may squeeze a leprechaun gnome in eir possession to
decrease its hp by 1 and increase eir Luck by one. Leprechaun gnomes may not
be bought.

At the end of each nweek, if less than two leprechaun gnomes exist, one is
placed randomly on the grid.

Amend the third paragraph of rule 752 to read as follows:
If a Player occupies the same square as the Casino, and the Casino is Open, e
can place a bet of any even number of points that is greater than or equal to
10 and less than or equal to 50 and less than or equal to the number of
Points they possess. Those points are transferred to the Gremlin fund. 2d6 is
rolled for the Player and the Casino. If the Player's roll plus a random
number between 0 and eir Luck is greater than the roll of the casino, 2 *
(number of points bet) is transferred from the Gremlin fund and to the

Place two leprechaun gnomes on the Grid at random locations.
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