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[Spoon-business] standard abbrevs

__Std. Abvs.__

Enact the following new rule.  If "Introducing Physical Law" passed make
it a mutable rule.

{{ __Std. Abbvs.__ 

There exists a part of the game state called the List Of Standard
Abbreviations, or the LOSA for short. The LOSA is a table of abbreviations
of words and phrases that may be substituted for the full word in
proposals and other official documents.  Upon recognition of the document
containing abbreviations the administrator shall rectify the document by
replacing each instance of an abbreviations appearing on the LOSA with the
corresponding word or phrase.

For the purposes of matching words in an official document to LOSA entries
capitalization is only significant if the LOSA abbreviation contains one
or more upper case letters.  Capitalization of the substituted completion
shall conform to the normal English rules, except where the listed
completion contains one or more capital letters, in which case it shall be
capitalized exactly as presented in the LOSA.

To avoid cases of ambiguity the author of a document may exempt sections
of a document as exempt from the above administratorial completion.  
Any such section should be clearly labeled as such and marked out with
standard or other unambiguous delimiters.

Any being may request that a term be added to the LOSA by posting to the
public forum.  The request should include the term and its completion.  
If there are no objections to the request within three ndays the
Administrator shall add the term and its completion to the LOSA.

[[The LOSA may, of course, also be modified by proposal.  So if a new
rule adds new game terms the proposer could easily incorporate these in
to the LOSA]]

A player who sees a non-standard abbreviation used in an official document
may ask 


The initial state of the LOSA is as follows:

short form		completion
----------		----------
adm.			administrator
bng.			being
bngs.			beings
dim.			dimension
dims.			dimensions
grem.			gremlin
grems.			gremlins
max.			maximum
min.			minimum
minst.			minister
plr.			player
plrs.			players
prop.			proposal
props.			proposals
BAC			Blood Alcohol Content
LOGAS			List of Generally Abhorred Stuff
LOSA			List of Standard Abbreviations


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